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A Testimonial on Enugu Governor

Aniagu Steven, President, Ogbete Main Market Traders Association, OMMTA, Gives Kudos to Governor Peter Mbah, after one year in office.

His Excellency Gov. Peter Mbah & Chief Stephen Aniagu. President of Ogbete Main Market Association, OMMTA.

Aniagu Steven, President, Ogbete Main Market Traders Association, OMMTA, Gives Kudos to Governor Peter Mbah, after one year in office.

The President, Ogbete Main Market Traders Association, OMMTA, in Enugu, Enugu state of Nigeria, Chief Stephen Aniagu,  is one man that believes in the law of navigation. This law states that “Anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course.”

In line with the law, Aniagu says what’s happening in Enugu under governor Peter Mbah, is a testimony of a leader who can steer the ship and as well chart the course, as the governor is using his position to create good legacy for posterity. In assessment of the Governor’s scorecard, Aniagu said in an interview with Verbatim: “In Enugu State today, our current governor has put up unequal legacy within few months of his administration. You can imagine what he will do in eight years as governor. If you look at his style of administration, you will see a clear departure from the past administrations. So far, he has made a very impressive impact on the people of the state.”

In the area of security, chief Aniagu said the governor’s effort has made Enugu the most peaceful State in the south East geo-political zone. “This has given visitors and investors peace of mind,” he said.

Another endearing legacy of this administration, which captured Chief Aniagu’s fancy, is in the area of water supply. According to him, in the past three months and in fulfillment of his campaign promises, residents of Enugu metropolis have been enjoying regular water supply. “This is a very glaring legacy. For someone to promise Enugu people water supply in 180 days of his administration and fulfilled it at record time, is an unparalleled achievement. You remember that water supply has been a major problem to Enugu people for more than 16 years and within 180 days after assuming office, the story changed. Don’t you think this governor will remain dear in the hearts of Ndi Enugu?, he asked .

Narrating and experience ,the President of OMMTA said, he was at the 9th Mile during the commissioning of the water project and saw how everybody was elated. Chief Aniagu said he knew that the governor, as a true son of Nkanu land , would not disappoint the people and that he strongly believes that the secret of his success is preparation, because ‘’when a leader prepares well, he conveys confidence and trust in the people. Many people believe that it’s not the size of the project that determines its acceptance, support and success. It’s the size of the leader. This is what we’re seeing in Gov. Mbah’s administration’’, he said.

In education sector , the OMMTA President also scored the Governor high. He said : ‘’Look at the Education sector. In the history of the state, I have not heard about Smart Schools until now. For him to conceive the idea of building 260 Smart Schools across the state is a wonderful legacy that transcends from generation to generation.”

‘’The massive road construction and rehabilitation in all parts of the state is another justification that people should use their position to create good legacy’’, Aniagu also said .He explained that when governor Mbah assumed office, he inaugurated 71 urban roads and about 45 rural roads, to connect all the 17 local government areas, for easy transportation and distribution of food items from the rural communities to urban areas.

He stated that what the governor did was a right step in the right direction as it would help the rural farmers to transport their produce to urban areas, as well as help urban dwellers to access rural communities for one business or the other. “From what the governor has done in road construction and rehabilitation, there will be enough food items in our markets. The link road from Owo in Nkanu east LGA to Ikem in Isiuzo LGA and the ones in other areas of the state will boost transportation of goods and services across the state.There’s also the presence of this administration in Ogbete market through the channeling of sewage to it’s right place, ” he said .

From all indications, it appears chief Aniagu is replicating governor Mbah’s legacy in Ogbete market. For instance, since he assumed office, he has restored peace, security and cordial relationship among traders and customers. “It’s no longer business as usual as the era of lawlessness has gone. Ogbete traders can testify to these positive changes. They  have reduced the rate of stealing, stopped the sit-at-home, every Monday of the week practice,  and illegal collections. More importantly, through his charismatic leadership, chief Aniagu has encouraged traders to support government policies, especially the e-payment of taxes.


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