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Death of Madam Amaliri

Lolo Amaliri, Revered Catholic from Umuodagu Community, Ngor-Okpala,Imo State Laid To Rest amidst accolades

Late Lolo Amaliri, Revered Catholic from Umuodagu Community

Lolo Amaliri, Revered Catholic  from Umuodagu Community, Ngor-Okpala, Imo State Laid To Rest amidst accolades

May 11, 2024 will remain indelible in the family of Nze Michael Amaliri of Umuolokoche, Umuodagu Ntu in Ngor-Okpala LGA of Imo State. It was the day Lolo Veronica Chinenyenwa Amaliri (Nee Aguocha) was laid to rest at the family compound. Lolo Veronica, who died at the age of 90, left a legacy in the memories of her children and women of St. Paul’s Catholic Parish, Umuodagu Ntu.

According to Barrister Iyke Amaliri, a US-based son of the deceased, “she taught her children the importance of family, kindness and resilience in the face of adversity and how to find beauty in the world around us. She left behind a lasting impact that will continue to ripple through the lives of those who knew her. Her love and care were the bedrock upon which we built our lives; with heart flowing with kindness and a spirit that touched everyone she met.” Barrister Amaliri said his mother would always also  be remembered for her legacies to the family, Catholic women and the entire Umuodagu Ntu community.

Indeed, it was an outpouring of encomiums from family members, friends and well-wishers. Kingsley Amaliri, a reverend said everyone should take solace in the fact that “death is a debt everyone owes and we have to surrender when the time comes.”

Ichie Kevin Aguocha, younger brother to the deceased said his elder sister fought the battle of life very well and left some remarkable achievements in the sand of time. “In marriage, she exhibited a sense of royalty as she lived with her husband, who incidentally was the only child of her mother in a polygamous family. My sister lifted him out of loneliness, gave him seven sons and two daughters, which was why her mother-in-law nicknamed her ‘Nwanne di ya’. “She was also  selfless and always ready at all times to make sacrifices like the way she sacrificed her education for others to be educated,”  Aguocha said.

Mrs. Rita Amadi, President, Christian Women Organization,CWO, described Lolo Veronica as an industrious woman who worked tirelessly to raise her children to enviable heights. “This woman that’s being buried today was hardworking, resilient and accommodating. I learnt a lot from her Christian virtues”, she said .

Earlier in his sermon, Reverend father Remigius Ebiziem, former parish priest, said the “beauty of life is to live and die in Christ, so as to enjoy the promises of God.” According to him, late Lolo Veronica was a dedicated Catholic and a member of the Sacred Heart group, who could be compared to the biblical Veronica, who showed good examples in her life time. ” It’s not a matter of years one lived, what matters is what one does with one’s life. In her own case, God crowned her with long life and she impacted the lives of many.”

Lolo Veronica was born in 1933 to the family of Chief Simeon Aguocha of Egbelubi Umuohiagu in Ngor-Okpala LGA. She was married to Nze Michael Amaliri in 1953. The union was blessed with Nine children and 18 grandchildren. While alive, she received many awards from the Church, including the prestigious Ezinne title and Outstanding Woman of Faith.


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