Four days to interment of former education Minister , Prof Fabian Osuji, family , friends and associates pay glowing tributes in a service of song funeral program in Abuja .


Professor A.B.C.Nwosu, former Minister of Health in the administration of former President Olusegun Obasanjo yesterday, described his former colleague, Minister of Education, Professor Fabian Osuji who died in Abuja, February 28, 2024 as a global superstar.
Nwosu spoke during a Service of Song (SOS) evening program at Evelyn’s Creations and Park ,event centre in Gwarinpa, Abuja, as part of funeral activities leading to the burial of Osuji in his Umuoda-Nguru town, in Aboh-Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo State, on Saturday, April 27.

Nwosu was among dignitaries that graced the occasion, including Peter Obi, presidential candidate of Labour Party in the 2023 Presidential election in Nigeria, Achike Udenwa, former Governor of Imo State, Okwesilieze Nwodo, former Governor of Enugu State, Placid Njoku, former deputy governor of Imo State and Professor E.J.C.Nwanna, former Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Abuja, amongst many others.

Professor A.B.C. Nwosu explained while paying tribute to Professor Osuji that the former Minister of Education ‘’was clearly beyond Mbaise where he comes from, beyond Imo , his state , and even Nigeria, his country, in terms of measurement of his top accomplishments in services to humanity and academic credentials’’, adding, Fabian Osuji who was one year ahead of me in the University of Ibadan when he was pursuing his first degree, ‘’remains one of the most brilliant human beings I have met in my life’’.

Highlighting the stuff Osuji was made of, Nwosu explained that the late former Minister of Education made a first class , and was the best graduating student of his set, and that made him (Nwosu) to understudy him and used his (Osuji’s) template to also excel.

Professor Nwosu explained the stunning record of Professor Osuji thus: ‘’when Professor Fabian emerged best graduating student, I borrowed his lecture notes, studied it and that helped me to also emerge best graduating student of my time. Professor Celestine Onwuliri, no late, followed same. He borrowed Osuji’s note from me, studied and also emerged best graduating student of his set’’, eliciting applause from the audience.

Dr. Obi Osuji , first son of Professor Osuji also presented a tribute and described his father as ‘’the best governor Imo State never had’’. Obi Osuji’s statement was in reference to giant strides recorded by his father while participated in politics , contested and emerged governorship candidate on the platform of the defunct Social Democratic Party,SDP, and the election was annulled without justifiable reason by the General Ibrahim Babangida led military government in the country at that time.

Giving further insight on the life of his father ,Dr. Obi Osuji stated that his father was ‘’a man blessed with the remarkable attributes of intelligence, charisma, and impeccable style’’, and that his brilliant legacy as both a scholar and educator spoke for itself at home and overseas.

Obi Osuji , a USA based surgeon also spoke elaborately about the influence of Professor Osuji on his children. He said :
‘’While teaching us, you displayed the ability to distill complex concepts into relatable nuggets of wisdom—a rare mark of genius that later would inspire my own journey into the realm of applied sciences.

‘’Your abilities as an orator were legendary. I would watch you close your eyes as we rode in a car to an event, scribbling in the air with your index finger. Later, I came to understand that you were composing your speech without writing it on paper. You would then go on to flawlessly deliver a rousing speech, getting directly to the matter at hand, without missing any important highlights.

‘’You ensured that your children got an excellent education. Looking back, you never missed a single graduation. I have memories of you adjusting my tie, cap and gown during my graduation from City College of New York. You were there to do the same at Babson for Gozie’s graduation, at Harvard Law for Chinwe’s graduation, and Stanford Medical School for me. You were at KC’s graduation from Phillip’s Academy, at Okey’s graduation from Wesleyan, and back in Connecticut at Yale for Okey and KC’s graduation ceremonies. You glowed with pride at all of our accomplishments, with your Canon camera ready to record candid moments’’.

The first son of Professor Osuji explained also that on account of the love and appreciation of Professor Osuji by his children, Osuji was nicknamed ‘point’ by the children. ‘’Our fond nickname for you–Point, as in the point guard in the game of basketball—spoke to your attention to detail to ensure that every play around you was run to perfection. As you served in your various capacities, you were omnipresent as a father, instilling discipline, fostering love and family. Even as you faced political adversity, you were a tower of strength who leaned on your strong faith in God and epitomized the virtue of equanimity under duress. I was and am always proud to call you “my Daddy”, he said.

Professor Osuji was also applauded by his children for making a right choice of wife in their mother, Dr. (Mrs.) Philomena Osuji.


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