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Remembering A Virtuous Woman….A year after.

Late Obiageli Okere died at the age of 56 and was buried on June 16, 2023 at Umuihitta Ntu, Ngor Okpala LGA, Imo State.


It was a moment of sober reflection on the life and time of late Rev. Mrs. Obiageli Grace Okere during a memorial/Thanks giving service in her honour at The Revival Grace and Truth Church of Christ, Enugu, June 16, 2024. Late Obiageli Okere died at the age of 56 and was buried on June 16, 2023 at Umuihitta Ntu, Ngor Okpala LGA, Imo State. She was once a treasurer and later the Chairlady, Ntu Town Union, Women’s wing. She was also the treasurer of Door 2 Door campaign group of former Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State.

Those who spoke at the occasion agreed in unison that she left behind a positive legacy. Mr. Vitalis Eke, chairman, Ntu Town Union, Enugu branch, said late Mrs. Okere was known for her humility and God-fearing attitude which impacted thelives and activities of members of the union in Enugu. “ Her demise was quite devastating as it affected our lives and activities in Enugu. She never discriminated against anyone, no matter where you are coming from. It is regrettable that she did not live to enjoy the fruit of her labour. But we cannot question God.”

Mrs. Faith Eke, chairlady, Ntu Town Union, Women’s wing described the role played by late Mrs. Obiageli in stabilizing the union as unprecedented. She said her departure created a big vacuum in the scheme of things.

Speaking on behalf of Ngor Okpala Development Association, NODA, Mr. Victor Ugborgu, a veteran Journalist, described late Mrs. Oby Okere as a woman with character, competence and compassion for all who came across her. “She led her home and women in the church with integrity, discipline and giftedness like the biblical virtuous woman. She met the needs of her home, invested for her household and helped her husband, Rev. Bonny Okere become a successful man of God. This is why, even in death, she is still receiving applause from her family, husband and church members.”

Mrs. Ndidi Ihemeje, a member of NODA, women’s wing said the deceased did not die in vain as the legacies she left behind were speaking volume for her. “Mrs. Oby made us to be more organized. She also planted in us the virtue of respect for one another. We will always remember her for training more than 20 people, mostly children from different places. Even in her sick bed, she cared for all and made peace among us.”

Adding his voice to the barrage of accolades, Senior Apostle Emma Ogbodo, also known as Father of the Church, went memory lane, how the woman of God came into the life of Rev. Okere, the church and the positive roles she played in changing the life of her husband and the entire church. “I was among the people that accompanied Rev. Bonny Okere to Anambra State, 30 years ago, to marry Obiageli, after praying for a virtuous woman. God, indeed, directed us to her and she did not disappoint us until death snatched her from us. I pray God to replace her with another good wife.” Others that testified include Pastor Blessing Matthew, pastor Ugochi and Pastor Chidiebere Ezekiel.

In his sermon, Rev. Kenneth Anyanwu implored Christians to endeavour to live lives filled with positive legacies. According to him, from the testimonies, “it is obvious that late Mrs. Okere lived a life worthy of emulation”. Speaking on the topic “Legacy”, Rev. Anyanwu made references to Matthew 16:13-19, 2Kings 2:10 and 2Kings 5:21 and admonished Christians to make out time to know what people know them for or think about them. “If you look at the word legacy, it is something inherited from a forerunner or something we get out of hard work. And whether dead or alive, the legacy we sowed lives on. Jesus Christ died at the age of 33 years but left a life of legacy that we are enjoying this day. Whatever we do now that we are alive, will speak volume when we are no more.”

In his vote of thanks, Rev. Bonny Okere said he would continue to celebrate his wife, even in death. “She lived for 56 years and accommodated 56 people in a space of 29 years we lived as husband and wife. She changed my life. I called her home builder because she helped in building my house in the village, a house that I didn’t have before I married her. She also did the same for other in-laws and her brothers. I also called her mother of all and Aunty for all, for accommodating as many people as possible both in her home and in the church. These names are not for nothing. We did all at our disposal to save her life, to no avail. Now, she has left a big shoe and I wonder who will fit into that shoe.” End.


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